Every third Wednesday of the month, SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotarians lend their hands to Golden Goose for their monthly Moonlight Madness Sale. The Golden Goose is a renowned thrift store that has raised more than $8 million dollars for SaddleBrooke Community Outreach & Impact of Southern Arizona. The "Goose," as many refer to it, has received multiple awards including the 2016 Northwest Explorer "Best in the Northwest."
All that fame leads to a heavy demand for volunteers, and the Rotarians and their spouses are eager to pitch in on the Goose's busiest night.  They serve as baggers, schleppers, clerks, re-stockers, gophers, and sales assistants. Pictured to the left are Ruth Larsen, Mary Thompson, Roger Swett, Jack Stebe, Tony and Sharon Ingle, Mark Douglas, Garret Ressing, Bobbie Sweetland, and Tom Basting.